Emergency spoon pendant necklace spoon theory/ Pendentif cuillère d'urgence

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Gorgeous spoon pendant to make sure you always have a spare spoon! Gold tone, made from stainless silver. Necklace length: 18 Inches; Pendant height: 2 Inches; Pendant width: 0.5 Inches Materials: Stainless steel

" Spoon theory[a] is a metaphor that is used to describe the amount of mental or physical energy a person has available for daily activities and tasks. The theory was developed by Christine Miserandino as a way to express how it felt to have lupus. She used spoons to provide a visual representation of units of energy that a person might have and how chronic illness forces her to plan out her days and actions in advance, so as not to run out of energy, or spoons, before the end of the day." ( from Wikipedia under spoon theory).